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Engage Your Community with Effective Online Marketing

It is no secret that people consistently turn to the Internet for health-related information and resources. In fact, we're stating the obvious. What's not obvious is the answer to those nagging questions in the back of your mind: "Is my hospital's website ready to meet those needs? Is our internet marketing not only effective, but are we engaging our community with real ideas and solutions?"

Scorpion Healthcare is here to provide you with all the tools necessary to engage your community and address its needs. In addition to providing fully customized website design for the medical community, we offer cutting-edge software that we developed specifically for healthcare professionals. We are truly a "one-stop-shop" for all your healthcare web design and marketing needs.

Web Design and Marketing for the Medical Community

Through professional website design, we introduce your practice in such a way as to communicate its particular mission and services. Our aesthetic, fully customized designs catch visitors' attention and draw them in. Through our high-definition video production services, we present online videos that help patients learn more about your services and staff. Through search engine optimization and pay-per click marketing, we establish and maintain the online presence that is so crucial in driving new patients to your practice. Through our healthcare software, we provide invaluable applications that help you, your staff and your patients alike, such as our events manager, online gift shop, doctor blog and patient portal.

Scorpion Healthcare's software, services and designs provide the perfect recipe for effective healthcare marketing. Take this opportunity to read more about our services, our products and our work.

Our Website Content Management and Marketing System

In our experience with hospital branding and marketing, we realize that your community is not limited to the patients you serve. Family members, physicians, board members and your staff need to be able to work together to ensure your community thrives in a changing health economy.

By building your website on our content management system platform, we give you access to powerful yet flexible tools that enable you to engage members of your community and team so you can quickly adapt to an ever-evolving world.

Our content management system is the platform that will form the core of your new website. As the leader in hosted website solutions for hospitals and healthcare providers, Scorpion Healthcare has developed the most advanced and extensible content management system and marketing platform capable of meeting the needs of hospitals, large and small. The best part – all of our software is incredibly easy to use.

The Solution to Your Healthcare Marketing Needs

At Scorpion Healthcare, we have the expertise and resources to address all of your hospital website design and healthcare marketing needs. But don't take our word for it - watch our clients talk about the experiences they have had in working with our team. Watch the videos we have included below:

Internet Marketing Law Firm Web Design High-Definition Video

One of our primary focuses is in helping hospitals and healthcare professionals nationwide with the design and marketing of their very own custom website. We recognize the unique complications that need to be addressed by healthcare marketing and we are prepared to help provide solutions. Luckily, our professional marketing team specializes in the medical industry – in fact, it’s all they do! When you work with Scorpion Healthcare, you won’t be working with a team that deals with general marketing. Instead, you will have a professional overlooking your campaign who knows the ins and outs of the industry and will be able to adapt your website to every new change. Clients who have permitted us to take the lead in managing their entire advertising campaign have continually been rewarded with positive results.

At Scorpion Healthcare, we are proud to provide our clients with access to award winning designers. From the very beginning, we make sure that we map out exactly what our clients are looking for. At the very beginning of the design process, we will schedule a one-one-one consultation with a design specialist and the client to ensure that we create a website that has the “feel” and message that they are looking for. We know that a website is often the very first (and sometimes only) impression that a visitor will have of your organization or hospital and we want it to be a spectacular one. We will therefore discuss your vision and work with you tirelessly until that is achieved. By incorporating your desires with dynamic and engaging design work, we will be able to create a website that inspires. Beyond this, we will be able to help establish proper branding for your hospital – something that can carry into all future marketing efforts.

Getting potential patients to your website isn’t enough. You need to convey your message, inspire and, most of all, you need to reach to them on a personal level. It is for this reason why professional hospital video production is so important. At Scorpion Healthcare, our video production team includes two Emmy Award winners who were honored for their work with James Cameron. With their professional and creative guidance, you will be able to shoot high-definition video that truly encapsulates the message of our hospital and seamlessly integrate this into your website. This will allow you to stand out from your competitors and allow an entirely new, innovative way for you to reach out to potential patients. With video search engine optimization, we can also help you to be found on sites such as Google Video, Yahoo Video and even YouTube. All of these efforts, when paired together, will allow you to reach out to patients and truly capture their attention.